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Franny and Zooey, if it’s anything, it’ll be the most intellectual and engaging novella by J.D.Salinger. I have enjoyed every minute of reading it more than its predecessor, The Catcher in The Rye. It’s divided into two; a short story (Franny) and a Novella (Zooey).

If anything crossed my mind while reading Franny, it would be The Before Series. It had that atmosphere of casual talking, unstoppable one about anything and everything. It’s the typical discourse that goes between friends and, I’d like to say ‘enlightened couple’.
It was a pain in the ass for me when Lane kept mentioning the weekend, that it’s gonna be horrible, just because Franny seemed off and not in the mood, and then she fainted (I fainted too, when he ordered snails and frog legs, I had to speed up reading). I remember myself having the exact same conversation, with someone really Lane; however, I always admire J.D’s ability of describing teenage and young adults life and their way of speaking, he didn’t miss a thing; Moreover, I have to admit my enjoyment in what I call a plot-less story. Just like the Catcher in The Rye, which was amusing, yet plot-less to me but it’s impossible not to enjoy it.

I think I’ve seen my own reflection in Franny (it’s really troubling sometimes when you read your own character in a book) . Just like her, I study English and Italian languages, and I’m sickened to death of everyone in that department. I’m sick of student- and people in general- trashing literature, thinking they are poets just because they have wrote couple of lines while the resultant is a total trash. “If you’re a poet, you do something beautiful. I mean you’re supposed to leave something beautiful after you get off the page and everything.” And that’s exactly my point, not everyone who writes some lines becomes a poet, the result OUGHT TO measure up to be poetry, and then you can call yourself a poet all day long.
Another thing I must agree with, and always argue about, is that never taking what I call ‘individual importance’ seriously; just because some graduated critics in any filed or any singer, actor/ess; whatsoever, said that so-and so is talented/not talented etc. And you happen to disagree with him, all of a sudden you become “not aware of what you are saying”, “who are you to object or suspect his opinion?” they never give you any credit for your ideas and point of views just because you are undergraduate or haven’t studied the same field they have been studying since forever. Ideas of every individual should be considered important. That’s it.
In closing. Just like her, I’m attracted to the idea of turning to the spiritual world, not the physical world. She has “The Way of the Pilgrim” and I have “The Forty Rules of Love“.

Zooey, on the flip side, is well-knit and has the eye-opening theme. it basically talks about Bessie=Zooey, Zooey=Franny, Zooey=fat lady=Franny. Frankly, I can exactly feel or understand what Franny is going throw, because just like her, I’m a trigger (taking most of the things PERSONALLY, usually despise people for everything and nothing in particular, always stressed up, considering my self superior on others and can’t finish anything I start) and just when all this shit happens, here comes Zooey, in my case Zooey represents my brother in 80% of the cases. it’s were I found that this Novella talks about my family and I.
Franny is going throw an emotional breakdown and struggling with her religion, and her practical life. This chapter of the book focuses on three highly important traits; Concern yourself with your OWN ideals and standers, The most important thing is to be detached and to act regardless of the outcome (don’t encounter too much ego), Don’t Take It Personally, TRY to stand the people you meet, “If you’re going to go to war against the System, just do your shooting like a nice, intelligent girl — because the enemy’s there, and not because you don’t like his hairdo or his goddam neck-tie.”

One thing kept going on my mind; brilliance can be brutal, and this was the axis of the novella, when too much knowledge become brutal to the mind and relations with other. Now I’m recalling something a read in The Art of Dying for Osho, I didn’t think I quite understood it back then, but now I do, ” And the more the mind is stuffed with dead knowledge, the more dull and stupid you become. Knowledge makes people stupid; it dulls their sensitivity. It stuffs them, it becomes a weight on them, it strengthens their ego but it does not give light and it does not show them the way. It is not possible.”

“You’re lucky if you get time to sneeze in this goddam phenomenal world.”

Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger

January 28, 2017 – Started Reading
February 2, 2017 – Finished Reading
* I don’t have a copy of the book.

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